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My Very Own Potter Pillow!

After coming across a great post on Bobble Stitch Graphghans by the amazing Repeat Crafter Me I had to try my hand at it and I have to say that I fell in love with all of that texture. However I didn’t fall in love with the back of the piece so I decided to make my square into a pillow. A Harry Potter Pillow to be exact!

15 - 115 - 7 (1)

To make this pillow I just needed a few things.

  • a 16″ pillow form (I got a twin pack at JoAnn’s for 40% off)
  • worsted weight yarn in all of my graph colors (brown, black, red, gold and aran for the front and some red, gold, black, green, blue and white for the back)
  • a 5.00 mm/H crochet hook for the Bobble block and a 3.5 mm/E hook
  • a yarn needle for all of those ends
  • scissors
  • gauge for this square is 7 sc and 8 rows is 2″ square

O and don’t forget the patterns!

HP Pillow Graph by Crafty Ridge
HP Pillow Graph by Crafty Ridge

You can download the HP graph PDF here! HP Pillow Pattern Graph

For the bobble stitch you will count the number of squares across the bottom of your graph. Multiply that number by 2 and add 1. So for this graph you have 25 squares multiplied by 2 is 50 plus 1 is 51 so you will chain 51.

In a bobble graphghan each square is equal to two stitches wide and two stitches tall. What that means is for row one you will sc across doing 2 sc for each square on the graph, changing color as needed. At the end of row one you will then ch 3 and do a bobble in the first st and a sc in the 2nd, You will repeat the pattern of one bobble then one sc, changing color exactly like you do in the row of sc below it. These two rows of crochet will be equal to one row of your graph.

When you come to the third row of crochet on your afghan you will then do a row of sc, changing colors as it appears in the 2nd row of the graph. You will then do the next row using bobbles and sc just like before, changing colors just like the row of sc.

Your graph will be worked up in alternating rows. The color changes will be made in the rows of sc and then they will become the guideline for the row of bobble and sc. Each square will be represented by 2 sc in one row and the bobble and sc in the 2nd row.

I carried my yarn through out. It doesn’t show at all through the front, however it does peak through the back. If you do this make sure to pull your yarn snug but not to snug before using it again.

I did a border of sc around my Harry Potter Bobble Square with black and left the black attached and sat it aside because you will use it again.

hp crest
Hogwart’s Crest by Crafty Ridge

The back of my pillow was a fun and colorful mock up of the Hogwart’s Crest! You can download the HP Crest Pillow Graph PDF here! HP Crest Pillow Pattern

For this pattern I used the c2c method! You can see how to do a c2c graph in one of my previous posts, A New Texture For Your Graphghans. This post and video will give you the basics on crocheting a c2c graph, however I did make some adjustments when doing the pillow so the stitch is tighter.

  • Instead of chaining 6 at the beginning of the square, chain 5
  • use hdc instead of dc
  • ch 2 instead of 3 when starting a new square.
  • gauge for this square is 3 c2c clusters by 3 c2c clusters is 2″ square

As usual you will read your graph from c2c instead of across each row. Make a note of marking each row off that you finish. It makes it easier to see what you have done and where you are going. Check out this video for some basics


I also added a border of sc on my Hogwart’s Crest. I did 1 row of sc in each of the 4 school colors, doing a sc, ch 2, sc in each corner.

Then when attaching the front to the back I made sure to put them back to back and also made sure both were right side up. Using the black from the Harry Bobble Square I used a sc to attach them to each other, slipping my hook under each layer. There were times when I had to do a couple sc in one stitch of the Harry Bobble square to make up for it having less stitches around the border than the Hogwart’s Crest. When you are almost done and just have one side to stitch up, slip in your pillow form and get it all straightened out before finishing it off.When all sides are sealed up with the sc then all you have to do is tie off at the end and sew in your ends.

Then you have a fun Potter Pillow of your own to cuddle up with! Maybe it’ll even make you as happy as it did my little Zeus!

15 - 1 (1)
My silly Zeus wanting to be a PinUp for the day!

Happy Hooking,



84 thoughts on “My Very Own Potter Pillow!”

  1. I’m thinking of making this for a friend. It’s such a neat design!! I haven’t made a pillow before. If I did the back in bobble as well instead of c2c would I follow the same instructions as the the front graph?


  2. I love this pillow. I started last night & have Harry nearly finished. Can’t wait to start on Ron & I really hope Hermione is ready soon as well. I would love to have all 3 of them made for a Christmas present.


  3. Hi! I was wondering what your policy on selling items made from your patterns. I was searching on Etsy to see what the market was like for Harry Potter themed pillows, and saw one that looked a lot like your pattern.


    1. You are more than welcome to sell any finished items you make from my patterns however you can not copy, sell or redistribute my patterns as your own. I always appreciate a little throwback like “Based on thw Potter Pillow pattern by Crafty Ridge.” However that is upon your discretion 🙂


  4. Hello! I love this!!! I was wondering about the chain for Harry. Did you do that one in black? and how much yarn would you say you used for this?
    Thank you ❤


    1. Thank you so much! I did the initial chain in the gold and then I did the first row of sc in the same colors as the graph. The black os the sc attaches the back and front together.

      Using Red Heart Super Saver yarn a 4.0 mm hook and a 25×25 graph.
      A c2c uses approximately 247 yards of worsted weight yarn.
      A bobble square is approximately 328 yards of worsted weight yarn.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  5. What would be your recommendation if I just wanted to turn the shield pattern on the back into a blanket? I really love this pattern, it looks wonderful! I think they shield would make a perfect reading blanket!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe do it in c2c and do a few rows for each row and a few squares for each stitch. Then you can always add a border to get it larger. First do a swatch of maybe 5×5 in c2c and then see how big you would want it to be. Hope that helps 🙂


  6. This is awesome! I am super excited to make this, but I was wondering where you got the pattern for Harry? I am hoping to find the other two members of the trio for a set of pillows.


    1. I designed this square and my other Harry Potter squares here on the blog as smaller squares. But I am sure that this one can easily be adjusted into a full afghan. I’ve seen someone use a granny square for each square on the graph. It made a lovely afghan 🙂


    1. Absolutely! You can do any of my graphs in whatever stitch is more comfortable to you. To keep the dame size in single crochet just edit the size by doing 2 sc for each square and doing each row 2 times. Making the graph a 50×50 vs 25×25. Hope this helps 🙂


  7. Thank you so very much for your explanation of how to do the bobble stitch on a graph. I tried before and didn’t get it. Your instructions are amazing and I’m working on a pillow now.


  8. Love this! I finished Harry using the bobble stitch with a 5mm H hook, and on the reverse side I plan to do the Deathly Hallows symbol in half double crochet c2c – what hook size should I be using to make sure it ends up the same size as Harry?


  9. Hi! I am interested in making your crest pillow. I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me what specific colors you used? To me it looks like Burgundy, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, but I’m not sure about the Hufflepuff color.. Is it yellow or gold?

    Also, this pillow is just gorgeous. Wonderful work!

    Thanks! 🙂


  10. I absolutely love this! I do have one quick question, you listed two different hook sizes in the materials and I was wondering if you switch hooks when doing the bobble? Is the 5.00mm used only for bobble stitches and the 3.5mm used for the rows of single crochet? Or is the 3.5mm used for the c2c design only? I have attempted to make the Harry Potter already but it came out much larger and is more rectangular than square shaped.

    Thank you for any help or advice! I am hoping to fill my couch with many Harry Potter themed pillows as I can possibly make 😀


  11. This is so cool! I just found out a friend is having a baby and wants a HP blanket. Could this be made into a blanket? If so, could you elaborate? Thanks so much!!


    1. It absolutely can! If you look at the top of the page you will see a Crochet A Longs Tab! Click on there and you will find all kinds of fun squares for an afghan! 🙂 Happy Hooking!


  12. Thank you !!!!
    It’s an amazing pattern easy to follow and just for that I’m grateful to you !
    My daughter’s are fan of HP and this will an awesome addition to their collections.


  13. These are great I have finished the Harry Potter side, and almost done my Hogwarts side, but my Potter side came out rectangular not square so they now don’t match up


    1. This is probably due to your tension, but it is an easy fix. When you go to attach them just fold down one row of bobbles from Harry’s head or scarf so it is inside of the 2 pieces and then attache. After it’s all closed up you won’t be able to tell. Hope this helps! Happy Hooking!


  14. I have trying to figure out how to turn this pattern into a baby blanket instead of a pillow. Do you think that I could just double all the squares (length and width) and it would work out ok?


    1. You can try doing lots of different stitches like hdc or c2c or even maybe a granny square for each block. I would do a few samples and then check the gauge. Hope this helps. Happy hooking!


  15. I have never done a C2C pattern and I am confused on the steps and how many stitches each time. Do you have a written pattern to follow?


    1. Yes! All of the squares are perfect for the pillow in bobble stitch. I would recommend starting at the bottom of the graph so if your stitches are taller you can leave off a row of hair to keep it square.


  16. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS PATTERN!!! My 8 year old grandson just loves harry potter and I just finished this up. (I did straight hdc because working the bobble kills my hands) He it’s going to LOVE this!!


    1. Absolutely! I did an entire Harry Potter Inspired Afghan in c2c, you can see it and it’s free patterns under the Crochet A Longs tab at the top of this page. No changes need to be needed to the graph, just work it from corner to corner.


    1. You can do it in any stitch. Maybe a bobble stitch like Harry or you can adjust it to your favorite stitch. Just try to make sure your front is the same size as your back.


  17. Thank you so so so much for sharing this, it’s so cute! I made this for my little cousin about two years ago(he loved it), and now I’ve started a crochet account on another platform just to share what I’ve done. Is it alright for me to post my pillow if I credit you?

    When I post I’m going to include a little message and a few resources for trans people and allies, and was wondering if it would me okay for me to link to your website to encourage people to make their own hp merch in spirit of supporting the fandom despite the creator. I can add something you’d like to say as well or just include my own message, it’s up to you. Thank you!


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