About Me

I’m a mom,wife and fiber artist who loves to design and be crafty. I enjoy every moment that I am able to work with my hands! This is my outlet, my therapy and my other love.

Being a SciFi geek and fantasy aficionado (summed up that means I’m a bit of a nerd) I love making anything from simple to the fun and unusual.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Gwen tunnicliffe says:

    Hi how can I get the graph patterns for Harry potter and minecraft please I can only follow graphs .. Thank you


    • craftyridge says:

      Over on the top right of this page you should see a search window. Type in either Harry Potter or Minecraft and hit search and all of the squares for that graphghan should come up.

      Happy Hooking


  2. Gwen tunnicliffe says:

    Where can I find any graph patterns for mothers day Easter etc .thank you


  3. craftyridge says:

    If you would like to contact me for any custom graphs please feel free to email me at craftyridge@gmail.com


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