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My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s the Enderman

One of the scariest teleporting creatures in Minecraft this guy only attacks when provoked, but when they do watch out. They will chase you until you are dead or have extensive damage. The only thing to save you is the natural elements like rain, sun or fire.¬†Enderman Graph Pattern My Enderman was made with Red… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s the Enderman

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My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

It’s everyone’s favorite pig! This little guy can be seen wandering aimlessly around your world. They leave lovely pork chops behind when killed and if your lucky enough to grab one with a saddle you can hop on and ride it around, if you have a carrot on a stick of course. My pig was… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

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My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

It’s Steve! Block 2 of my Minecraft Obsession is the world renowned Steve. Every Minecraft fan knows who this guy is. They begin their adventure as Steve until they decide to change his skin and make him more personalized. He is one of the many faces of Minecraft and now he is a face on… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

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My Minecraft Obsession

My youngest, like so many other kids out there, is obsessed with Minecraft! This year we went a little overboard and built our two boys gaming computers. They love to play and would do so from morning until night if we allowed it. So this year we decided Christmas and Birthdays are going to be… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession


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Crochet Alongs!

Harry Potter CAL- Click on the links below for all of the patterns needed for this crochet a long My Very Own Potter Pillow is where it all began. Find the pattern and directions on how to make your very own Potter Pillow. Harry and Hogwarts Crest Hermione Ron Luna Lovegood Dumbledore Hagrid Snape Malfoy The… Continue reading Crochet Alongs!

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Harry Potter Crochet A Long with Crafty Ridge

I promised that there were more to come and don’t worry, I am sticking to my promise. I have a stack of graphs sitting next to me right now and I plan to share each and every one with all of you and whats a better way to do it than a CAL?