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The Groundskeeper – Harry Potter CAL

15 - 1 (14)

Hagrid is the kind hearted, gentle, half giant that takes care of the grounds at Hogwarts. He is the big cuddly guy that everyone seems to like but not take seriously, however he always seems to have some important information or knows exactly where to go to find it.


Hagrid’s colors are pretty simple. I used Red Heart Super Saver in buff for his skin, black and white for his eyes, coffee for his hair and heather grey for his highlights. I am positive that any grey/brown, brown/tan combination would work on his hair but I really liked the contrast of the heather and coffee. Grab your FREE pattern here. Hagrid by Crafty Ridge

When working on his hair I noticed that the highlights on the top corners seem to work up in the same direction due to the way c2c is worked at an angle, you can fix this by fixing the disjointed squares (see Luna and Dumbledore‘s posts for details on this method) or you can leave it like I did. I kind of like the messy look of it.  We all know Hagrid wasn’t big on the whole grooming thing.

If you have never done c2c there are a ton of tutorials out there on YouTube. You can check out my video tutorials  at the top of the page, for short videos that show each step of working up a graph in c2c. For a longer video about the basic c2c check out the one by Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd!

To see the previous squares in the Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL and more tips, tricks and tutorials just click here! This is the 7th  square in the CAL, see previous posts for other patterns and tips.

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