4K Giveaway

Wow! That happened fast! Crafty Ridge just exceeded 4000 likes on Facebook, so I think a celebration is in order. This week, February 6, 2016- February 13, 2016, you can enter to win one of two Grand prizes as well as get some great deals and fun giveaways over on Facebook.

One winner will receive my entire pattern collection gifted via Ravelry. Check out all of my patterns here

PicMonkey Collage

Another lucky winner will win one 9 piece set of these Ergonomic Crochet Hooks by Festival Hands. 51FJRtx5K8L._AA160_These are my go to hooks and I use them all the time. I bought them thinking I would give them a try before spending money on the more expensive hooks out there and WoW was I impressed.


I will also be doing some fun giveaways and pattern sales over on Facebook so don’t forget to like the page and keep an eye out for those. Enter to win the two GRAND prizes by clicking right here —–> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be chosen and notified on Sunday February 14th. Good luck!


About CraftyRidge

Fiber Artist, designer and all around nerd! Find my work on Etsy at www.CraftyRidge.Etsy.com
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46 Responses to 4K Giveaway

  1. Sharon says:

    My favorite patterns are the Harry Potter squares!


  2. Julie Thorpe says:

    I love all of your patterns!! But the one I can’t wait to try out is the “Mystery Box Hooded Scarf”! I’m a budding Who fan and I love the way that this looks! 😀 (Also love your square in the Hodgepodge CAL!)


  3. I love all of your patterns! Congrats on 4000+ followers on FB!


  4. Jane says:

    Do I have to choose just one? They are all nerd-tastic! 🙂


  5. Martha Avans says:

    love the Cuddly Cowl Pattern


  6. Rachel says:

    Ooh, I love the Pikathulhu plushie! That’s such an adorable idea! ❤


  7. Marjolein de Sain says:

    Congratulations! I love your patterns. Doing Hodge Podge and loved your square!


  8. Emillia Fuller says:

    I would die to have all of your patterns. It’s hard just to pick one favorite. I love all of your Fandom stuff.


  9. Emillia Fuller says:

    I am commenting again because I am not sure if my first one went through since I cannot see it. I love all of your Fandom patterns. They are just amazing


  10. Maria says:



  11. Tausha says:

    I love all of your patterns! If I had to pick one it would be the Toddler Travel case!


  12. airametj says:



  13. My personal favorite of your patterns is the Mystery Box Hooded Scarf 🙂 I also love the Potter Pillow but all the harry potter squares are what I love!


  14. Shelley G says:

    First, thanks for the AMAZING giveaway!
    My favorite pattern is the Mystery Box Hooded Scarf.
    Fo sho.


  15. Pamela Emerson says:

    I have more than one favorite. The first is your Friendly Robot and then the Harry potter afghan squares would be next.


  16. Jennifer says:

    My favorite are the Harry Potter squares.


  17. Steph Beardsley says:

    This giveaway is awesome! Love all your patterns. Am working on the Harry Potter CAL right now!


  18. Cynthia Rose says:

    I love all of your patterns. I guess my favorite is the Sci Fi Princess Hat.


  19. Raena says:

    I originally “liked” your page because I love the Potter squares. I want to make it for my daughter. I’d say that’s probably still my favorite of your patterns.
    Congrats on your latest achievement. And thanks for the chance to win.


  20. I love your patterns… I’m so excited for you, Congratulations again 🙂


  21. I love all your designs, especially your nerdy stuff! Grats on 4k!


  22. Flash Ragler says:

    They are all great Love the Mystery Box hooded scarf


  23. Love your Harry Potter squares! I am so ready to start on my first one!


  24. Sally says:

    I love you patterns altho I have yet to even try graphs…..they intimidate me so much…..lol. My favorite pattern is the Pikathulhu Plush.


  25. Congratulations! and I really love the abbie fingerless gloves!


  26. Sam says:

    I love your Harry Potter blanket!


  27. Congratulations! I tried to enter but it wasn’t saying I did. I guess i must be dumb or something☺ oh well I’m still going to follow you even without the drawing. Your designs are awesome!


  28. I love all of your designs! My favorites are the HP squares and all of your DW inspired designs 🙂 Congrats girl!!!


  29. Amanda Eldredge says:

    I like the Harry Potter squares! 🙂


  30. Kristin Ebelhar says:

    Congrats on 4k!!! All of your patterns are awesome! My favorite is your minecraft cal! I also love your toddler travel case (it’ll be great for our long road trips to grandma and grandpa’s). Thank you so much for sharing your celebration with us!


  31. Jess D says:

    I’m a really big fan of the Mystery Box Hooded Scarf right now


  32. Lily M says:

    ONE favorite!? Just ONE!? There’s too much awesome geekery to choose just one! From Doctor Who and Star Wars to Wonder Woman and Cthulhu (and that Pikathulhu!!!!) So much awesome in one design shop!!! Thank you for being so generous with your giveaway and congratulations on reaching 4k!!!


  33. Tammy Mulrooney says:

    Thank u!!!


  34. Sonya says:

    I love the Harry Potter CAL!


  35. Darcy Johnson says:

    I’m loving the new sweater hat pattern!!!


  36. Loving the flower square bag


  37. Alex says:

    Love your patterns


  38. Helen King says:

    They are all great patterns, but I love the Harry Potter squares.


  39. Karen C Hill says:

    I really like the Toddler Travel Case – what a great idea!


  40. Charissa N. says:

    My favorite is the Pikathulhu.


  41. ANGELA GARCIA says:

    With two young boys I love all of your designs! I have started a minecraftghan for my 8 year olds christmas next year. But the design that I would love to get is the bounty hunter. Both of my guys like star wars and they seen that hat and went gaga 😉 Thank you for being so generous always!


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