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The Wearing of the Green

My youngest came home the other day with homework that stumped us for a minute. He was asked to create a set of questions for St. Patrick’s Day. Coming up with questions seemed to be easy but having them asked was a completely different situation.

So like good parents we skirted the actual question and ended up talking about our time in school and how if you didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day then you were liable to be pinched by every little boy and girl that you came across. I remember many a time telling them they couldn’t pinch me because I had green underwear on. Who would’ve thought they expected proof!

So of course I thought of crochet and I decided to put together a little collection of St. Patrick’s Day themed Crochet Patterns by some great designers, so you won’t be caught without your green this  year.

What says St. Patrick’s Day like a 4-Leaf Clover? Check out this fun pattern set by Michelle over at You can add them to a pin for a boy or a headband for a little girl. Just make sure to wear them where people can see.

The Clover Applique Patterns by FromHomeCrochet

Have a little one that needs to celebrate? Grab the Pattie’s Preemie Hat pattern by Charmed by Ewe so they don’t end up with any sore spots at the end of the night.

Pattie’s Preemie Hat by Charmed by Ewe

Is it chilly where you are? Wrap this Shamrock Shawl around your shoulders and you are sure to stay safe from those dreaded pinchers!

Shamrock Shawl by Olden Patterns

Need some luck for your celebration? Hook up this quick pattern by The Perfect Knot

Lucky Shamrocks by The Perfect Knot

Don’t forget to keep your eye out for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with the adorable Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Cozy by Pretty Darn Adorable Designs

Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Cozy by Pretty Darn Adorable Designs

And when it’s all said and done, we all know the adults will be toasting to St. Patricks Day with some lager. Now even those of us who don’t participate can have a little pilsner of our own with this fun pattern by Divine Debris.

Pilsner Pattern by Divine Debris

So take some time and hook up something special for you or someone you love to wear at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!


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