A New Texture For Your Graphghans

Ever wonder if there are any other ways to work a graph or image into your crocheted afghan? How about trying to work it up like a C2C?

I came across a picture of an amazing graphghan on Tumblr awhile back and it took me a couple minutes to realize what stitch they used. I loved the texture and had to try it on my own. I started this graphghan for my oldest son from my Gamer Graph Pattern and I fell in love.


I shared a couple pictures like the one above and the questions began.

What do you need to make a C2C graphghan? Really you use the same items you would if you were doing a regular graphghan. A hook, scissors, yarn, a yarn needle and of course a graphed image. You can find some fun and nerdy graph patterns in the Patterns tab at the top of the page or by clicking on the image below or you can make your own.

Gamer Afghan

Gamer Graph Pattern by Crafty Ridge

How do you read a graph in C2C? Well you would start on the corner and work it exactly like you would a C2C afghan. You would read the rows a little bit different though. I read the even rows from right to left and the odd rows from left to right just like when I do a graphghan in single crochet, however I turn the graph and look at it diagonally like so.

how to c2c change 008

When your done with each row make a dot in each square that you have finished! This keeps you on track!

But the main question I got was how to change colors. It sounds more complicated if I type it all out, so I decided to make a video for all of you to use. There are three areas in which you may need to change the color, on the increase, in the middle or on the decrease. So below is my “how-to” video with details on how to do all of the color changes you may come across when hooking up a graph in C2C.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions you can leave them here on the blog or ask over on YouTube or Facebook!

Enjoy and Happy Hooking!

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Fiber Artist, designer and all around nerd! Find my work on Etsy at www.CraftyRidge.Etsy.com
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11 Responses to A New Texture For Your Graphghans

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  2. Reblogged this on Freund's Fibers and commented:
    I started a graphghan last year for my cousin. It was very slow going. Might have to give this idea from Crafty Ridge a try though.


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  10. Sheila Elkin Kelly says:

    How do a crochet a C2C afghan? I see how to increase,decrease, with colors. What is the basis pattern?


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