My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

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It’s Steve!

Block 2 of my Minecraft Obsession is the world renowned Steve. Every Minecraft fan knows who this guy is. They begin their adventure as Steve until they decide to change his skin and make him more personalized. He is one of the many faces of Minecraft and now he is a face on your afghan.


steve graph

I created my Steve block in single crochet using Red Heart yarn in coffee (for the hair), white (for the eyes), royal blue (for the eyes) and black (for the nose and mouth) as well as light peach by I Love This Yarn (for the skin). Again this square can be created in many different ways, whether it’s knit or crochet you just need to be able to read the graph and change colors.

In order to read the graph I start at the bottom right. I count out the squares to figure out the length of my chain. These graphs are are all 50 squares by 50 squares, so you will need to chain 51. I then count out how many of each stitch I need in each color. for example Steve will need 12 stitches in peach followed by 26 stitches in coffee and then another 12 stitches in peach.

Tip: When doing the first row, crochet in the bottom loop of the chain. This gives you a more finished edge for your trim and it makes it more flexible for blocking.

Continue to read your pattern back and forth. So each of the odd rows will read right to left while the even rows will read left to right.

Tip: mark your rows as you go and always count!!! Counting is better than frogging any day!

To see the first square of My Minecraft Obsession and more details on the Crochet A-Long just click here!

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook at Crafty Ridge’s Minecraft Obsession CAL I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished afghans!

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7 Responses to My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

  1. OMG ! That us sooooooooooo cool! I’ll have to try it out! Hope your blog is successful! Love Your Spy’s Sister


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  3. Nancy says:

    I’m just starting the Steve block. Your color listing says to use black for the nose and mouth, but when you talk about counting out your number of stitches in each color for the first row (starting at the bottom right) you say to do 26 stitches in coffee. It should be black for the mouth, right?


  4. Glenys says:

    Love these minecraft items. My granddaughter is obsessed with minecraft so want to make her a couple of cushions Kreeper and a girly one (with pink ) I’ve never read a crochet pattern but have done so in knitting I’m also a bit of a novice to crochet.
    Fingers crossed I will be able to make these for her.
    Many thanks

    Ruby’s Nan


  5. chris says:

    i am going to do this steve as a pillow but what hook would i use?


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