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My Minecraft Obsession….It’s MooShroom

It's Mooshroom! Everybody loves this guy. He provides meat and leather and if you shear him he will drop some mushrooms for you and then turn into a regular cow. His bright colors set him apart from your run of the mill of cow and he will be your best friend if you have some… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession….It’s MooShroom


afghans, crochet, diy, fiber art, patterns, tutorials

My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

It's Steve! Block 2 of my Minecraft Obsession is the world renowned Steve. Every Minecraft fan knows who this guy is. They begin their adventure as Steve until they decide to change his skin and make him more personalized. He is one of the many faces of Minecraft and now he is a face on… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!