My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

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It’s everyone’s favorite pig! This little guy can be seen wandering aimlessly around your world. They leave lovely pork chops behind when killed and if your lucky enough to grab one with a saddle you can hop on and ride it around, if you have a carrot on a stick of course.

My pig was done in single crochet with Red Heart’s black and white for the eyes, perfect pink for the main part of the face and baby pink and taupe for the snout.

He is super simple! Just just need to be able to read a graph and change colors. See previous post about Steve for tips and tricks on how to read a graph. Pig Face Graph Pattern

Pig Face

To change colors in single crochet you finish your last stitch up till you have two loops on the hook and then you pull the next color through and voila your next color begins.



Now you are ready for your next stitch. There are a ton of videos on YouTube to help with color changes in other stitches if you choose to do your afghan in something other than single crochet. They can be done in many different ways, Tunisian, knit, hdc, dc and even C2C. You can find my video and How To on how to change colors in a C2C graphghan here.

To see the first square of My Minecraft Obsession and more details on the Crochet A-Long just click here!

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook at Crafty Ridge’s Minecraft Obsession CAL I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished afghans!

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7 Responses to My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

  1. Nancy says:

    Love your Minecraft pig graph! How big did your square turn out in single crochet? I think my Minecraft obsessed daughter needs a pillow from this. 🙂


  2. Shirley Panzer says:

    What color pink did you use ?


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