My very own Pikathulhu!


Walking through Gen Con a few weeks back with my boys I noticed some super fun mashups! You have My Little Pony-Doctor Who on a poster, Snow White in the Anime world and even a glimpse or two of Pikachu-Cthulhu on a t-shirt.

Because someone insisted on having this guy on his bookshelf, I decided to search for a pattern online because he needed to be made, but for the life of me I could not find one to work up. I found some really awesome finished plushes on Etsy of course but I needed to tackle this guy on my own. So, what is a hooker to do? Make her own of course!

So now I bring to you, from the heart of anime and the world of Love Craft , this mix of fun and horror! Introducing Pikathulhu!!!

Now this infamous little fellow doesn’t just have to run across your nightmares and appear on your nerdy shirts. Now you can have him in a squishy plush as well.

Grab your pattern for the fun and cuddly Pikathulhu for 40% off on Ravelry until Saturday August 22. Also available on Etsy and Craftsy!

15 - 1

This is a pattern by Crafty Ridge. This is fan art and has absolutely no affiliation with any licensed product or brand. I love to see finished work, please share your finished plushes on Ravelry. Please do not resale or distribute this pattern as your own. Please feel free to gift, donate or sell items you make from the pattern. Please remember to credit Crafty Ridge as the designer. Thank you.

About CraftyRidge

Fiber Artist, designer and all around nerd! Find my work on Etsy at
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5 Responses to My very own Pikathulhu!

  1. As soon as I get paid I am downloading this pattern! They look fantastic 😀 my finance absolutely loves Cthulhu and wants a Cthulhu army


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