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My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis

Due to the craze of c2c and Bobble  graphghans I was asked to recreate some of my Minecraft Obsession graphs so that they are a better fit for these methods. I spent a little time yesterday morning getting them down to the right size and now they are ready to share with everyone. I can’t wait to see your finished squares. Come by and share them on my Facebook page  or join in on the fun over in the CAL group. Download the PDF with the first 6 graphs here Mini Minecraft Graph Patterns

Never done a c2c graphghan before? See how I do mine in A New Texture for Your Graphghans! In this tutorial I show how to change colors as well as some basics of the c2c method.

Mini Creeper Mini Enderman Mini Mooshroom Graph Mini Pig Graph Mini Steve Graph Mini Wolf Face

Happy Hooking,



7 thoughts on “My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis”

  1. These are just awesome! I’m using these for my very first graph blanket in bobble stitch. Is there any way you could make a mini graph for the diamond sword pretty please? 😁


    1. There is a sword graph for the Minecraft Obsession! Hop up to the top of the page and click on the Crochet A Longs tab. It will be listed under Minecraft Obsession CAL. Happy Hooking


  2. How do we figure the hook size and amount of yarn needed, I am not very good on that part, my grandson is obsessed


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