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My Minecraft Obsession….It’s a Pickaxe!

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Minecraft Pickaxe by Crafty Ridge

Pickaxes are one of the most commonly used tools in Minecraft.  They are required to mine ores and many other types of blocks.

My Pickaxe was done in single crochet using an I hook. I used Red Heart’s black and cafe for the handle and light grey and heather for the axe. But these axes come in many different colors. Mine was based on their stone one. Do some Googling, check out the other axes and then decide what colors you want to use.

P. S. I totally got busted working on this one! How many times can  you lie to your kid and tell them that you are making something for an order? Apparently a few 😉

Download your your Pickaxe pattern here Pick Axe Graph Pattern! Or grab the smaller one that is better for bobble or c2c here Pick Axe Mini Graph Pattern!


This square is super simple but at first it does seem a bit intimidating! There are alot of color changes but it goes really fast once you get started. Honestly I carried the black through the entire handle but you can not tell because it was just a few stitches. This made it easier to work up. Less bobbins, less knots!

Still you need to be able to read a graph and change colors. See my previous post on  How to Crochet a Graph for tips, tricks and detailed instructions on how to create graphghans.

Don’t forget to block your squares! I can’t express how important this is. You will sometimes get a square that is misshapen or more of a rectangle than a true square and sometimes they will be really stretched out on one end and super tight on the other. I always stretch them to where they need to be and then block them to the size I want them to stay. All of my squares for the Minecraft Obsession are 14″ square. See my previous post How to Block Flat Projects for more details on blocking your squares

To see the first square of My Minecraft Obsession and more details on the Crochet A-Long just click here! There are now 10 squares in my Minecraft Obsession, see previous posts for patterns and tips.

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook at Crafty Ridge’s Minecraft Obsession CAL I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished work!


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