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My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s the Villager!

Villager Photo

Villagers can be great friends in the game.  They are great to trade with.

My Villager was done in single crochet with an I hook and Red Heart’s cafe latte for the nose, coffee for the mouth, black for the brow, white and paddy green for the eyes and I Love This Yarn’s light peach for the face. Download your free pdf Villager Graph Pattern and if you are doing the graphs in c2c or bobble then download your mini PDF here Villager Mini Graph Pattern!

Villager Face Graph

This square is super simple! You just just need to be able to read a graph and change colors. See my previous post on  How to Crochet a Graph for tips, tricks and detailed instructions on how to create graphghans.

Don’t forget to block your squares! I can’t express how important this is. You will sometimes get a square that is misshapen or more of a rectangle than a true square and sometimes they will be really stretched out on one end and super tight on the other. I always stretch them to where they need to be and then block them to the size I want them to be. All of my squares for the Minecraft Obsession are 14″ square. See my previous post How to Block Flat Projects for more details on blocking your squares

To see the first square of My Minecraft Obsession and more details on the Crochet A-Long just click here! There are now 11 squares in my Minecraft Obsession, see previous posts for patterns and tips.

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook at Crafty Ridge’s Minecraft Obsession CAL I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished afghans!


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