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Harry Potter Crochet A Long with Crafty Ridge

Potter Square by Crafty Ridge

I’m sure you all remember my Potter Pillow! I had so much fun making him and I have even been lucky enough to see what you have made with the design and I must say that you all rock! When I shared him in all of his magical glory I promised that there were more to come and don’t worry, I am sticking to my promise. I have a stack of graphs sitting next to me right now and I plan to share each and every one with all of you and whats a better way to do it than a CAL?

Since the first time I opened a HP book I was hooked! I longed to be a part of magical world like the one created by J.K Rowling. I was addicted from the beginning, standing in line at the local Wal-Mart to get the books when they were released, sitting in que at the movie theatre so my son and I could be packed in a theatre like sardines with hundreds of other people just so we could see how our favorite books were portrayed on the big screen. To put it mildly I am a total PotterHead!

So now I want to share my love of Potter along with my love of Crochet with all of you. I plan to do this project with smaller graphs, most of them will be 25×25 and done in a half double crochet corner 2 corner method with an H hook. You can use any method that you would like, It will look great in sc, c2c and even bobble.

I have a total of 9 squares for the center and a few different sizes for the border. You can start and stop at your convenience and make your afghan or pillows exactly like you want them.

This CAL is  officially starting the first week of November, after the Minecraft Obsession CAL is finished but if  want to get a head start you can download the Hogwarts Crest and Harry squares here!

Harry by Crafty Ridge              Hogwarts Crest by Crafty Ridge

These squares were already featured in the Potter Pillow post but what would a Potter Afghan be without them, so they are available and ready to hook up now.

If you need help on color changes for the c2c method you can check out A New Texture for Your Graphghans for some extra details, plus there is a video there that may help a bit.

Come join along in the fun on Facebook and don’t forget to share your finished squares with me on social media. Tag @CraftyRidge on Twitter and Instagram and share them on my Facebook page as well

Happy Hooking,



13 thoughts on “Harry Potter Crochet A Long with Crafty Ridge”

  1. What are the colors that you used for the Harry Potter square? I was wondering about what color to make his scar. And did you use coffee for his hair?


    1. There is not a full list of yarns. I have listed the yarn I used for each block in each post. You can find a list of all the blocks by going to the search box on any of my pages and entering Harry Potter. This will list each of the blog posts for you. Happy hooking!


  2. I just finished making this pillow for my daughter. This was my first c2c project and it came out great. Thank you fornsharingbyhe pattern.


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