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Our Favorite Weasley – Harry Potter CAL

15 - 1 (13)
Ron Square by Crafty Ridge

Harry’s first true friend. With his scruffy red hair, freckles and hand me down robes he finds a special place in every Potter Head’s heart.


When making my Ron square I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarns in Carrot for the hair, Buff for his skin, Gold and Garnet for his tie, White for his shirt and Black for his robe and eyes. I made my square in half double crochet corner 2 corner with an H hook. You can grab your Ron graph here Ron by Crafty Ridge

I noticed when working on Ron that I had to pull my yarn over a square or two from time to time. I did this without having to cut my yarn by making sure my tension wasn’t to tight or to loose. I worked my next set of hdc over the piece to make sure it is hidden.

15 - 15 15 - 14

For that really finished look I do a row of sc around my finished square, changing colors as the colors change in the square. This gives it a clean and crisp edge for you to add your border to when you finish your afghan.

15 - 12 15 - 11

If you have never done c2c there are a ton of tutorials out there on YouTube. My favorite for the basics is by Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd! If you know the basics and just need a little help with changing colors than you can check out my post A New Texture for Your Graphghans here on the blog.

To see the first two squares of the Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL and more details on the how to get involved, just click here! This is the 3rd  square in this CAL, see previous posts for other patterns and tips.

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook for the Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished afghans!

Also feel free to share your squares on Facebook and don’t forget to tag @CraftyRidge on Instagram and Twitter when you share your photos!

Happy Hooking,


7 thoughts on “Our Favorite Weasley – Harry Potter CAL”

  1. Sooo crazy question. Would you consider making an Orange is The New Black character graph I can’t figure out the whole graph thing. I don’t know if you do request but if you do that would be awesome!


  2. Hello! I just started this pattern and I have run into an issue. I’m new to C2C so forgive me if I’m missing something basic! I was working from the bottom right corner (which I now realize is not how the graph rows are numbered…) and I’m not getting the right amount of stitches. I’m getting 10 skin colored boxes when there should be 9. Was I supposed to decrease somewhere? Perhaps that’s what the black triangle symbol means? Please help!


    1. Hello Stephanie! Without seeing your work I am a bit confused by your description but that’s totally on me. You can start these graphs from any of the four corners, just make surrto count as you go. Sometimes you may need to go back and recount to see where you may have made a mistake. If you started at the bottom right and are working on his skin then wouldnt think you should be decreasing just yet. Can you send me a message on FB with an image? Maybe I can help you there


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