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Nerdy Nesting Bowls Crochet Patterns

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I am so excited to share my newest pattern with everyone. The Nerdy Nesting Bowls are created with a technique called Tapestry Crochet and it’s super easy and so much fun to see your work come together. Grab both of the patterns together here! Nerdy Nesting Bowl Collection

16 - 3 (1)

Nerdy Nesting Bowls SW Series by Crafty Ridge 

What is Tapestry Crochet? Tapestry crochet is basic crochet stitches with the use of more than one color

If you know how to do a basic single crochet and change colors than  you already know the basics of tapestry crochet.  Unlike in Intarsia (currently popular with graphghans) your additional color or colors is carried along while you make your stitches. The color you are not using stays hidden on the inside of those stitches, until you want to switch colors, giving the finished piece a bit more structure.

There are three bowls in the set with full written directions as well as graphs for each piece. You can begin with the small bowl and create a great place to keep your pens and pencils on your desk.

Hook up the medium size bowl, throw it on your bedside table and keep your necessities near by.

Create the large bowl and put it on your counter to keep your keys and extra change right where you can find it.

This pattern is available for FREE exclusively on my blog! Grab it now Nerdy Nesting Bowls SW Series by Crafty Ridge

But don’t miss out on the DW Series!

16 - 1 (2)

I had to continue following my nerdyness into the alien abyss. So here is the DW series. Grab this pattern for free here Nerdy Bowls the DW Series by Crafty Ridge 

There are five bowls in this set with full written directions as well as graphs for each piece.

Happy Hooking!



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