Custom Graphs Made Just for You

Are you wanting some custom graphs to create your own personalized afghan? I can make them specifically for you and it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Pokemon, Superheros, Princesses or just something fun that speaks to you. Design the perfect afghan.

Step 1. Simply contact me on Facebook or Etsy with what you have in mind, a single image, multiple squares or banners.

Here is the breakdown of my current prices.

Custom full size afghans are available, price is based on detail. Contact me for a quote.

Individual squares are $4.00 a piece Squares are commonly ordered in the following packages:

Option A: 1 individual square, 25 high x 25 wide $4.00

Option B: 2 squares, each 25 high x 25 wide $8.00

Option C: 4 squares, each 25 high x 25 wide $16.00

Option D: 6 squares, each 25 high x 25 wide $24.00

Option E: 9 squares, each 25 high x 25 wide $54.00

Option F: 12 square, each 25 high x 25 wide $58.00

Decide if you need a banner for your afghan? Maybe one for the top and one for the bottom? The size of your banner/s will depend on the size of your afghan. Banners come in three different sizes and vary in price from $7-$15 each.

Small Banner: 1 banner, 25 high x 50 wide (Perfect for afghans 2 squares wide) $7.00

Medium Banner: 1 banner, 25 high x 75 wide (Perfect for afghans 3 squares wide) $11.00

Large Banner: 1 banner, 25 high x 100 wide (Perfect for afghans 4 squares wide) $15.00

*remember to take into consideration any borders that you will be adding to any of the squares and/or banner. These will change the size of your finished products.


Step 2.  Place your order and pay! It’s super simple and all I need from you is an email address to send the invoice to. After payment has been cleared I will then add your order to my “to do” list and upon completion I will send you mock-ups of each individual graph. After your approval, all graphs will be sent to you in PDF format via your email address or Facebook messenger.

Step 3. Sit back, relax and leave it in my hands. Your order will be ready before you know it. Timing will vary depending of difficulty of design and all orders are first come first serve. But my turnover time is rather fast.

*All finished graphs are numbered, without written directions. I do not include written directions for any of my graph designs unless otherwise stated.

*All designs are allowed 2 edits, any edits upon that will be charged accordingly. This includes changing of designs or images after payment. 





About CraftyRidge

Fiber Artist, designer and all around nerd! Find my work on Etsy at
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