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My Adventures in Knitting


This is where it all began! The wonderful world of Marly Bird.

She has a great set of beginner videos where she is teaching her mom how to knit and not only is it super informative but it is also fun and really makes you comfortable, which is something you need when learning something new.

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Before I knew it I was knitting and purling and changing colors with ease!


After working out the basics I thought “Now what should I do?” and of course the first thing I think of are SOCKS……mostly because I like to torture myself. So I ordered some Sock-Ease yarn by Lion Brand and some bamboo needles on Amazon! I bought the cheep needles because, well I try to be thrifty but I wish I had bought a better set! These will do in a pinch but you really do get what you pay for in this case.


I think Zeus was even worried about the whole knitting socks thing. I found this great blog by Winwick Mum and the Sockalong and it is so jam packed full of great tips, tricks and tutorials that it is now permanently bookmarked on my laptop and phone.


I started with dpns and realized quickly that they are not my favorite. Something about all of those tips and the yarn going this way and that. So those had to go and I grabbed a circular was off.


Before I knew it, I had the ribbing done for my very 1st sock! Color me impressed!


A week later I had the leg done and was staring down the heel! Yes it took me a week, remember it is my very first sock as well as my very first knitting project so it’s a bit of a slow go trying to figure out what is comfortable for me.


Even as daunting as those directions looked I was capable of working up the heel flap and the turn and TADA…..1st heel done! Of course I used this great video by Blooming Knitter and pulled out the dpns for the heel flap, leaving the top of the sock on the circulars.


Before I knew it (2 long weeks later) the 1st sock was finished! Woo Hoo! Just don’t ask me about that Kitchener stitch..Let’s just say I searched for a new way to close up my next pair as soon as I was done with this sock and will be Russian Grafting from now on!


Three weeks and I finally have a finished pair of SOCKS! And now I am off to the next pair, seeing as how this pair have already been snatched away and I need a pair for myself. I think the next pair will be with a thicker yarn and maybe a bit shorter leg!

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