My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s finally finished!

15 - 1 (9)

My Minecraft Obsession has come to an end….now we need to talk about finishing. The options are endless. I found a great blog post on Getting It All Together by Moogly. She shares 12 different ways to get those squares all attached and into one big afghan.

I went around each square with black using a single crochet border and then used the same black yarn to whip stitch them all together.  The border and seam being the same color really gives it a nice finished look.

Of course before finishing it up I did graph out a name to use as a banner for the top of my afghan, to give it that extra something.

Here is a little extra something that you can add to your finished afghan!  Minecraft Banner (This one is perfect for those of you who are still doing the graphs in single crochet, the design has more detail)

Update…Here is one that can be used for those of you who have done the CAL in c2c Mini Minecraft Banner by Crafty Ridge (you do lose some of the detail but it still looks great)

MC Logo

If you are still in need of all the patterns for the 12 squares of My Minecraft Obsession scroll to the top of the page and put Minecraft in the Search bar or click here!

Don’t forget to share your finished work with me over on Facebook or Instagram! I’d love to see your finished afghans.

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25 Responses to My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s finally finished!

  1. Wow that’s great! You must be thrilled with how it’s turned out 🙂


  2. Davida McMullen says:

    I just found this. but I want to do it for my grandson for Christmas. I wish I had found this when you started this. But its never to late to start.


  3. Crystalized Designs says:

    This is completely awesome! Totally want to make this for my son. Great job!


  4. Mary Kay says:

    Are you going to release a c2c pattern for the banner? (I’d like all of the stitches on my blanket to match! ☺)


  5. zoltan orcsik says:

    I can’t get to my minecraft! 😦


  6. robinr523 says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I just finished this for my son and it’s amazing. I didn’t even know how to tapestry crochet before this so thanks for the new skill! I wish I could show you a picture but don’t know how to load one here. We made 2 changes, he wanted a diamond sword so we changed the coloring and he wanted a Blaze instead of a sheep so I followed your creeper pattern and made a blaze. Thank you thank you thank you, this is by far the most awesome thing I’ve ever made…besides my kids LOL


  7. knotsowiney says:

    Did you do this as a C2C or straight across?


  8. Sherlene Ramsey says:

    What an awesome blanket and THANK YOU so much for sharing the pattern. That’s so kind of you.


  9. Barbara L. Fowler says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent design. Just finished the afghan for my 6 year old grandson, who is the spitting image of your model (red hair and all). Must say design was easy, however, border was a bit trying (with about 35 balls of yarn hanging at a time) 🙂 Thanks again


  10. Susan E Beal says:

    can I purchase the pattern for this mineceaft afghan?


  11. Brea says:

    What is the finished size of this blanket? It is sooooo cool!


    • CraftyRidge says:

      It really depends on what hook you use and your tension. I believe my squares were about 15″ each so about 45″ wide plus a bit more for the trim and borders. Length was a bit over 70″ I think. You can adjust it depending on your gauge though.


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