Freezer Paper Fun!

I found this post in my drafts from 2016. How I forgot to hit Publish, I don't know but I hope you all enjoy it. Better late than never right?! I think I found a new favorite craft! Freezer Paper Shirts! My oldest is obsessed with nerdy t-shirts and wears one every day. After purchasing… Continue reading Freezer Paper Fun!


Long Days, Weeks, Months!

It's been awhile since I have posted. I'm definitely more active on Instagram because the posts are quick and I don't have to think as much about what I am posting. While we all have had to reestablish our knew normal I have been busy baking, trying new recipes, woodworking and sewing (mainly masks) but… Continue reading Long Days, Weeks, Months!

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My Minecraft Obsession……It’s a Wolf

  This cute cuddly guy can be a little hostile if attacked but he can be tamed and become a pet if your nice and patient. The wolf is pretty rare so if you get the chance to tame one it's well worth the fun. My wolf was done in single crochet with an I… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession……It’s a Wolf

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Bunny Treats Cup Cozy

When looking up some fun ideas for some Easter themed crocheting this week, I decided I wanted to make something for myself so I worked up this little mug cozy. I started with the carrot color because what Easter bunny doesn't love carrots and then I came across this little bunny button that I felt… Continue reading Bunny Treats Cup Cozy