It was a Hodge Podge Showdown


Mystery Box Hooded Scarf by Crafty Ridge

It was a Hodge Podge Showdown and the theme was hats, scarfs and scoodies. So, of course I brought some nerdy with me to the competition and I had a great time doing it.

I wanted to share my geeky edge with a twist so I created the Mystery Box Hooded Scarf so that other geeks like me can create this fun scarf with a Police Box resemblance or mix it up to fit their own personal taste. This piece truly is a mystery. You can hook it up in your favorite colors or geek it out like I always do. The new pattern is now available on  Ravelry,  Craftsy and Etsy.

15 - 1 (1)

Mystery Box Hooded Scarf photographed inside out.

It has a warm hood and pockets to keep your hands warm and your necessities close by and a fun texture that looks good both inside and out. The pattern includes full directions on how to work this up just like seen above as well as how to change up the colors and make it your own.

You can see the other  amazing designs and the WINNING design by Laurie of Spider Mambo Designs over on the Hodge Podge Crochet Blog

A huge THANK YOU to Kimberlie of Shop Kimberlie and Tanya of Hodge Podge Crochet for picking me as a designer for this competition and for all of the hours you put into organizing everything.

About CraftyRidge

Fiber Artist, designer and all around nerd! Find my work on Etsy at
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1 Response to It was a Hodge Podge Showdown

  1. Maria Williams says:

    i love the commander helmet, but also the HP designs too.


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