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Who wants some more Potter?

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Who wants some more Potter themed squares?  Well I just happen to have a few that you might just want to add to your afghan or make into some fun pillows like my Potter Pillow!

The Deathly Hallows turned out to be more than just a book of Fairy Tales. It is now an iconic symbol that stands for three of the most magical items in history. The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility.Deathly Hallows

Grab this graph here…Deathly Hallows by Crafty Ridge!

Hedwig was a beautiful gift from Hagrid who became so well loved that we all had that pivotal moment of sadness when we realized that anything could be lost.


Grab this pattern here…Hedwig by Crafty Ridge!

The Golden Snitch is the center of the magical game of Quidditch as well as a secret hiding place. Catch the snitch and your team wins!

Golden Snitch

Grab this pattern here…Golden Snitch by Crafty Ridge!

Never again will a Potterhead walk between platform 9 and 10 and not think about running at the wall…..Ya never know!


Grab this graph here…Platform by Crafty Ridge!

Grab some chocolate frogs and freshen up on your spells on the Hogwart’s Express!

Hogwarts Express

Grab this graph here…Hogwarts Express by Crafty Ridge!

Of course we can’t forget the Weasley Jumpers. They were always a hit at Hogwarts!

Weasley Jumper

Grab this graph here…Weasley Jumper by Crafty Ridge!

Harrys Jumper
Grab this graph here…Harrys Jumper by Crafty Ridge!

And don’t forget to sport those house colors! Gryffindor, HufflePuff, RavenClaw and everyone’s favorite house to hate, Slytherin!


Grab this graph here…Gryffindor by Crafty Ridge!


Grab this graph here…HufflePuff by Crafty Ridge!


Grab this graph here…Ravenclaw by Crafty Ridge!


Grab this graph here…Slytherin by Crafty Ridge!

As always, you can check out my video tutorials  at the top of the page, for short videos that show each step of working up a graph in c2c. For a longer video about the basic c2c check out the one by Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd!

To see the previous squares in the Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL and more tips, tricks and tutorials just click here! See previous posts for other patterns and tips. Check out My Very Own Potter Pillow for directions on how to make these squares into some fun pillows that make great gifts!

To join in on the fun come over and join us on Facebook for the Crafty Ridge Harry Potter CAL  or share your finished work on Facebook! I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished afghans!

Don’t forget to tag @CraftyRidge on Instagram and Twitter. I love to see everyone’s finished work and share them with my other fans.

Happy Hooking!



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