It’s bread in no time flat!

I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook but I do alot of cooking and baking as well as the random making. I’ve tried all kinds of breads and have a few favorites but once in awhile I come across something that peaks my interest and this one has definitely done that.

I ran across an Instagram called ZoeBakes and was intrigued by this fast dough that she was making into all of these delicious things. So I took to the internet and grabbed The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking that she has written with Jeff Hertzberg MD and got to reading all of the details.

Then I took off to their YouTube channel, Breadin5, watched a few videos and had to start asap!

It’s so simple and really takes like 5 minutes to throw the first master recipe together.

I was super excited and still a bit pessimistic because I have failed at sourdough so many times and had a few to many flat “artisan-like” breads.

And then I opened the container to see this just 2 hours later! Look at all of those gluten strands! Getting excited but now I have to take this wet dough and shape it.

Just 1 lb of the 4lbs of dough the recipe creates

And then this happened so quickly! Did I mention no kneading? Well let me tell you there was absolutely no kneading involved. I left this out to rest for about 40 minutes and then slashed the top and got the oven preheated


I baked it in my new Lodge enameled cast iron dutch oven and it turned out so pretty.

I couldn’t wait to slice it up and make a grilled ham and cheese and I have absolutely no regrets! It was so good. Now I am off to make all of the bakes in this book and more!

Check out my Instagram and see what I’m baking now!

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