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How To Crochet A Graph

Crocheting a graph can be easy as well as fun! Adding a graph to your work can make them personalized and unique! First thing you need is a graph! Check out this fun little Police Box graph by yours truly. This is a fun simple graph to learn with. You can get the pdf here Little… Continue reading How To Crochet A Graph

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My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

It's Steve! Block 2 of my Minecraft Obsession is the world renowned Steve. Every Minecraft fan knows who this guy is. They begin their adventure as Steve until they decide to change his skin and make him more personalized. He is one of the many faces of Minecraft and now he is a face on… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

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My Minecraft Obsession

My youngest, like so many other kids out there, is obsessed with Minecraft! This year we went a little overboard and built our two boys gaming computers. They love to play and would do so from morning until night if we allowed it. So this year we decided Christmas and Birthdays are going to be… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession

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Things a Crocheter should never go without!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I get a commission if you decide to purchase through my links, through no cost to you. As a hooker you have your choice of so many fun tools and accessories! Everyone has their preference for what they like to work with. Some people prefer… Continue reading Things a Crocheter should never go without!