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Looney, I mean Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter CAL

Luna Lovegood, Whether she is barefoot in the Forbidden Forest or fighting fiercely for her friends she stays true to herself.

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Clever Witch – Harry Potter CAL

Square 4 of the CRHPCAL is Hermione. Fierce and smart, that's Hermione! She is hands down the smartest little witch in training at Hogwarts and she grows into one of those characters you don't just love, but one that you wish you could be.

afghans, diy, graphghans, patterns, tutorials

My Minecraft Obsession……It’s TNT!

The last square of My Minecraft Obsession is Dynamite...literally. My TNT was done in single crochet with an I hook and Red Heart's cherry red, white and black . Download your PDF here TNT Block Graph Pattern and if you are doing the graphs in c2c or bobble then download your mini PDF here TNT Mini Graph… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession……It’s TNT!

afghans, blankets, blocking, crochet, diy, fiber art, graphghans, harry potter, tutorial

Harry Potter Crochet A Long with Crafty Ridge

I promised that there were more to come and don't worry, I am sticking to my promise. I have a stack of graphs sitting next to me right now and I plan to share each and every one with all of you and whats a better way to do it than a CAL?

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My Minecraft Obsession…..Its a Sheep!

  This silly little sheep is great for not only wool but food as well. Most sheep are white but if you're lucky you may see them in shades of grey and black. My sheep was done in single crochet with an I hook and Red Heart's black and white for the eyes, cafe latte for… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…..Its a Sheep!

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My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis

Due to the craze of c2c and Bobble  graphghans I was asked to recreate some of my Minecraft Obsession graphs so that they are a better fit for these methods. I spent a little time yesterday morning getting them down to the right size and now they are ready to share with everyone. I can't wait to see your… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis