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My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis

Due to the craze of c2c and Bobble  graphghans I was asked to recreate some of my Minecraft Obsession graphs so that they are a better fit for these methods. I spent a little time yesterday morning getting them down to the right size and now they are ready to share with everyone. I can't wait to see your… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…..Minis

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My Minecraft Obsession……It’s a Wolf

  This cute cuddly guy can be a little hostile if attacked but he can be tamed and become a pet if your nice and patient. The wolf is pretty rare so if you get the chance to tame one it's well worth the fun. My wolf was done in single crochet with an I… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession……It’s a Wolf

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My Minecraft Obsession….It’s MooShroom

It's Mooshroom! Everybody loves this guy. He provides meat and leather and if you shear him he will drop some mushrooms for you and then turn into a regular cow. His bright colors set him apart from your run of the mill of cow and he will be your best friend if you have some… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession….It’s MooShroom

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My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s the Enderman

One of the scariest teleporting creatures in Minecraft this guy only attacks when provoked, but when they do watch out. They will chase you until you are dead or have extensive damage. The only thing to save you is the natural elements like rain, sun or fire. Enderman Graph Pattern My Enderman was made with Red… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…..It’s the Enderman

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My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

It's everyone's favorite pig! This little guy can be seen wandering aimlessly around your world. They leave lovely pork chops behind when killed and if your lucky enough to grab one with a saddle you can hop on and ride it around, if you have a carrot on a stick of course. My pig was… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Pig!

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How To Crochet A Graph

Crocheting a graph can be easy as well as fun! Adding a graph to your work can make them personalized and unique! First thing you need is a graph! Check out this fun little Police Box graph by yours truly. This is a fun simple graph to learn with. You can get the pdf here Little… Continue reading How To Crochet A Graph

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My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

It's Steve! Block 2 of my Minecraft Obsession is the world renowned Steve. Every Minecraft fan knows who this guy is. They begin their adventure as Steve until they decide to change his skin and make him more personalized. He is one of the many faces of Minecraft and now he is a face on… Continue reading My Minecraft Obsession…It’s Steve!

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Bunny Treats Cup Cozy

When looking up some fun ideas for some Easter themed crocheting this week, I decided I wanted to make something for myself so I worked up this little mug cozy. I started with the carrot color because what Easter bunny doesn't love carrots and then I came across this little bunny button that I felt… Continue reading Bunny Treats Cup Cozy

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The Wearing of the Green

My youngest came home the other day with homework that stumped us for a minute. He was asked to create a set of questions for St. Patrick's Day. Coming up with questions seemed to be easy but having them asked was a completely different situation. So like good parents we skirted the actual question and… Continue reading The Wearing of the Green

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A New Texture For Your Graphghans

Ever wonder if there are any other ways to work a graph or image into your crocheted afghan? How about trying to work it up like a C2C? I came across a picture of an amazing graphghan on Tumblr awhile back and it took me a couple minutes to realize what stitch they used. I… Continue reading A New Texture For Your Graphghans